An in-browser presentation experience using reveal.js

Using revealme

revealme is a github-proxy, and all files are stored there.


Revealme accepts any .html format that reveal.js. It has also been extended to take raw markdown (supports Github-flavored too!).

Revealme will create a slide for every h1 and h2 markdown header (# / ## or ==== / ——). It will make any h1 a horizontal slide and any h2 a vertical slide, unless horizOnly is used.


Revealme links have three options:<github-user>/<github-repository><github-user>/<github-repository>/<git-branch><github-user>/<github-repository>/<git-branch>/<file-path>.<ext>

The top one will read the file in the master branch of the repository, while the second will read the in the branch specified. The third will will refer directly to files in your repository. For example:

Gist Linking

Revealme now supports linking from gists:<github-user>/<gist-id><github-user>/<gist-id>/<>


There are a couple of options available to each presentation. Just stick these in an html comment at the top of your presentation in a simple format:

<!-- revealme options
title: My Title Text
theme: beige
transition: concave
horizOnly: true

Available Options

  • Titles affect the <title> on the page.
  • There are a set of themes that come with reveal.js: sky, beige, simple, serif, night, default
  • Available Transitions: default, cube, page, concave, zoom, linear, fade, none
  • Horizontal Only: Don't use the vertical slides. ?horiz=true


Many thanks to the Hakim El Hattab for authoring the beautiful reveal.js.